Fomento de Iniciativas

Vehicle Inspection Division.

The most relevant area of our group, with international expansion.

The technical inspection of vehicles contributes to an improvement in road safety and to a reduction of environmental pollution. It was one of the first activities of the group and that which has acquired the greatest relevance as time has gone by.

In the company Supervisión y Control, our Galician operator, is the leading company in our division, in which we investigate and put into practice new technologies and develop our own designs to complement and improve the commercial designs already existent in the market.

From Galicia we have increased our activity through international expansion by being awarded public bids as a technical service provider in the province of Buenos Aires, as well as in Costa Rica, where we at present give service to the whole country through our company Riteve.

At present the group has a capacity for technical inspection installed greater to four millions vehicles a year.

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